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consulting-servicesYou Might Need A Consultant If…


  • You can’t get your partner, staff or other important person to listen to you.  Sometimes the right information provided by an outside source will remove the log jam.  Also, facts over opinion work well in these cases and a consultant can help you compile the right information.
  • You don’t want to do the dirty work, such as hiring, firing, confrontations or dealing with staff issues.  Due to the fact that we are more emotionally detached and not working in the practice on a daily basis it is easier for the consultant to approach the employee and resolve the problem employee or make an appropriate suggestion on what to do with that employee.
  • You are constantly bombarded with difficult staff.  Consultants have seen a lot – some you wouldn’t believe! We have handled theft, policy breaking, cohorting with sales representatives for hidden incentives.
  • You are concerned about your practice finances.  Is your A/R out of control? Do you have too much inventory?  Are your staff salaries out of line?  Do you know if you are profitable?  What are the benchmarks?
  • You want to head off future problems.  Unfortunately, consultants mostly get called in to handle the crisis.  Consider taking a proactive approach by getting a “state-of-the-practice” assessment.
  • A portion of your practice is under producing.  Frame sales are low, prescriptions are walking, yearly contact lens packages aren’t being sold, the A/R is growing.  Sometimes a clear assessment of your practice systems and your staff’s sales ability is necessary.


There are many more reasons to hire a consultant, call Core Consulting Services, LLC today for more information.